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The American Vision, Illinois Edition   THE AMERICAN VISION, ILLINOIS EDITION © 2007
ILLINOIS Student Edition 0-07-874998-0
ILLINOIS Teacher Wraparound Edition 0-07-874999-9
ILLINOIS StudentWorks™ CD-ROM 0-07-875000-8
ILLINOIS TeacherWorks™ CD-ROM 0-07-875001-6
ILLINOIS ExamView Pro Testmaker CD-ROM 0-07-875221-3

Put the work of a Pulitzer prize-winning author in your students' hands every day

The American Vision boasts an exceptional author team with specialized expertise in colonial, Civil War, 20th-century, and Civil Rights history. The full panorama of American history comes alive through their vivid and accurate retelling, and the co-authorship of National Geographic ensures that the program's new maps, charts, and graphs are correct to the last detail.

Illinois Student Edition of American Vision includes test practice using the format found on the PSAE.  The comprehensive test practice includes a “Countdown to the PSAE” providing students with the opportunity to become familiar with the content and format of the ILLINOIS test.  Help your students to success with this built-in tool!

Illinois Teacher Wraparound Edition is a comprehensive guide to the Illinois Learning Standards for Social Studies. In addition to the material found in the Illinois Student Edition, complete correlations to the objectives of the ILLINOIS Learning Standards for Social Science make teaching a standards-based course easy and efficient.

Illinois TeacherWorks is an all-in-one lesson planner with the complete Illinois Teacher Wraparound Edition and correlations to the resource black line masters, transparencies, links to the technology, and ILLINOIS Lesson Plans to save you time planning.

Illinois StudentWorks combines the interactive student editions on CD-ROM with the student workbooks for an all-in-one easy portable alternative to the student edition.

Illinois ExamView Pro® Testmaker with built in Illinois Correlations allows you to easily customize an unlimited number of tests.


Address the Illinois Standards for Learning in American history with correlations and test preparation in the Student and Teacher Wraparound Edition! This program integrates content and skills in each lesson, and prepares students for classroom and standardized examinations.

Renowned Authorship

An unparalleled author team that includes National Geographic brings expertise to The American Vision. This team is unmatched by any other program.

  • National Geographic: World-renowned geographers and cartographers
  • Joyce Appleby: Respected Colonial Historian and author
  • Alan Brinkley: Renowned 20th Century Historian and author
  • Albert Broussard: Distinguished Civil Rights Era Historian and author
  • James McPherson: Civil War Historian and Pulitzer Prize wining author
  • Donald Ritchie: United States Senate Social Historian and author

Industry-leading Technology Solutions

Glencoe Social Studies cannot be touched when it comes to classroom technology-and our competitors know it. The American Vision offers several unique technology tools, including:

StudentWorks™ Plus CD-ROM combines the Interactive Student Edition with page-by-page audio plus the Reading Essentials and Study Guide (English and Spanish), Standardized Test Practice Workbook, Active Reading Note-Taking Guide, and the Student Presentation Builder. This puts every student-centered supplement in one convenient location for students to access and self-direct their learning. The audio turns struggling readers into active learners. "Maps in Motion" is the latest feature in Glencoe's StudentWorks Plus CD-ROMs. Student Edition maps labeled with the "Maps in Motion" icon become interactive with the touch of a button! This high-interest twist is great for presentations!

TeacherWorks™ All-in-One Lesson Planner (Windows/Macintosh) offers you the entire teacher edition, every print resource and transparency, and complete planning tools-all on a convenient, portable CD-ROM!

A Comprehensive Reading Strategy

Glencoe Social Studies authors, editors, and reading specialists have developed a comprehensive content reading strategy that includes:

  • Prior knowledge activators in every lesson
  • Graphic Organizers in section openers and assessments
  • In-text reading checks
  • Reading and writing prompts
  • Reading Intervention Tools:
    • Reading Essentials and Study Guide
    • Active Reading Note-Taking Guide

National Geographic Brings its Unequalled Expertise to Every Page

  • Maps and Geography Skills are fully integrated into the study of history and exercises help students master the important skills and prepare them for today's assessment tasks.
  • Geography and History are a snapshot of how history and geography intertwine to create the outcome of events.


  • Illinois Student Edition
  • Spanish Student Edition
  • Illinois StudentWorks™ CD-ROM
  • Illinois Teacher Wraparound Edition
  • Illinois TeacherWorks™ CD-ROM
  • Teacher Classroom Resources

On Line Learning
Online Student Edition, 5-year subscription per student
Online Student Edition, 1-year subscription per student
(with purchase of print student edition)

Reading / Writing
Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Student Edition
* Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Teacher Edition
Active Reading Note-Taking Guide, Student Edition
Active Reading Note-Taking Guide, Teacher Edition

Skills and Standards
Living Constitution, Student Edition
* Living Constitution, Teacher Annotated Edition
Building Geography Skills for Life, Student Edition
*Building Geography Skills for Life, Teacher Annotated Edition
National Geographic World Atlas, English
National Geographic U.S. Desk Map

Quizzes, Tests, and Alternative Assessment
Standardized Test Practice Workbook, Student Edition
* Standardized Test Practice Workbook, Teacher Annotated Edition

Spanish Resources
Spanish Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Student Edition
Spanish Reading Essentials and Study Guide, Teacher Edition
Spanish Resource Binder
National Geographic World Atlas, Spanish

Daily Focus Skills Transparencies
Unit Map Overlay Transparencies, Strategies and Activities
Cause-and-Effect Transparencies, Strategies and Activities
Graphic Organizer Transparencies, Strategies and Activities
Why It Matter Chapter Transparencies, Strategies and Activities

American Humanities Resources
American Art & Architecture Transparencies Binder
American Art Prints
American Music: Hits Through History CD
Constitution & You Poster Set

ExamView® Pro Testmaker, CD-ROM
Vocabulary PuzzleMaker, CD-ROM
Interactive Tutor: Self-Assessment CD-ROM
Presentation Plus! CD-ROM, Windows
Presentation Plus! CD-ROM, Macintosh
American Vision Video Program, DVD
American Vision Video Program, VHS
MindJogger Videoquiz, DVD
MindJogger Videoquiz, VHS
American History Primary Source Documents Library CD-ROM
BookLink for Social Studies CD-ROM

Professional Development DVDs
Success with English Learners
Differentiated Instruction Strategies
Teaching Literacy Strategies in Social Studies
Standards-Based Instruction

Moments in Time
Moments in Time, Unit 1
Moments in Time, Unit 2
Moments in Time, Unit 3
Moments in Time, Unit 4
Moments in Time, Unit 5
Moments in Time, Unit 6
Moments in Time, Unit 7
Moments in Time, Unit 8
Moments in Time, Unit 9
Moments in Time, Unit 10
Moments in Time, Unit 12
Moments in Time, Unit 13
Moments in Time, Unit 14
Moments in Time, Unit 15